Schumacher to be Raikkonen Mentor !

Wow..kalo begini caranya saya makin yakin kalo Kimi bisa makin hebat skillnya dan semoga disertai dengan makin bersinar juga prestasinya thn ini dst..
Sekalipun Kimi tidak akan menggantikan Schumi dalam diri saya, tetap saya akan dukung kamu mulai thn ini..(krn Schumi nya udh ga race beda lagi kalo masih race.. 😦 miss you Michael )
Ditunggu lah action ya..tp jgn sering2 mabok Martini sekarang ya..hahaha..
Ini beritanya..

Schumacher to be Raikkonen mentor
Todt keen to use Schumacher’s experience

Michael Schumacher’s new role at Ferrari could involve becoming a sort of mentor for Kimi Raikkonen, Jean Todt has hinted to the media.

The Ferrari boss admitted this his new acquisition, the McLaren veteran and winner of nine Grand Prix Raikkonen, is a ‘question mark’ for the famous Italian Formula One team.

“We don’t know how we’ll work together yet. But this is where Michael could intervene in his new role,” Todt is quoted as telling the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Referring to 38-year-old Schumacher, Todt added: “We intend to take advantage of his knowledge and experience, which is unique.

“It’s an asset not to be lost.”

Todt said Schumacher’s efforts will be ‘at the service’ of Raikkonen and Brazil’s Felipe Massa, who joined Ferrari at the start of 2006.

Source GMM
CAPSIS International

Source : f1-live.com


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